Shooting Breakfast In Kisumu, Lesotho

Ollie Bradley-Baker is a First AC, Focus Puller and Cam Op specialising in  shooting in outdoor, challenging environments for documentary. He also works on Commercials, Music Videos and Narratives on set. He has experience shooting in multiple countries and locations such as Kenya, Lesotho, South Africa, Morocco, Italian Dolomites, French Alps, Scottish Highlands, Bulgaria and across Europe. He works both with Digital and 16mm Film with: Arri Alexa (mini, XT, Amira), Red (Monstro, Gemini, Scarlet, Epic), Sony (F65, F55, FS7, FS5), Arriflex 16mm and Bolex 16mm cameras. 

1st AC Make Up Commercial

1st AC on Mountain Biking film 'Guidelines' - Scotland

Solutions for documentary shoots have consisted of creating setups for ultra light, UHD broadcast quality footage. Running a 4 week shoot on FS5 off solar power while camping, having no base for the period. Also looking into quick weatherproofing for shooting in high altitude quick changing  environments. Ollie has also shot in high security risk environments.
Ollie is also a trained sound recordist, often assisting or running additional sound on documentary shoots, for pic ups, field recordings and interviews and owns an Zoom F4, Shotgun Mic, 2* Sanken Cos Lav mic with wireless packs and Roland R26 field recorder.
Kit includes 5" Focus monitor, Teradek Bolt Pro 300 Kit Video SDI Transmitter  & 2 x SDI Receivers, Tilta M wireless follow focus and V-Lock power for the day. 


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Gimbal Operating

Shooting in Kenya

Lightweight shoulder rig setup

Shooting in Scotland

Shooting on the Summit of Ben Nevis 


Kit for unsupported shoot + Camping kit

Shooting in Scotland