So I collaborated with my friend Cassie on a small piece.


I wanted to replicate my digital rock, to make it real, and bring it to life.


(Cartoon becoming all to real .... ect, ect)


So I set out printing my design on the 3d printer then Cassie painted it to look real.


Much Like my digital rock the Real one balances on a point.


I think theres something interesting about the process of making something that looks like an artwork into a dull object - a rock.

It's a rock on a plinth, haha


But then by purchasing the rock on its end it gives it a fake-ness, a fiction, it can't be real. 


Part of this is to spark an interest its the object - to take a closer look.

Part of this is the odd-ness of an object and a different reaction to the laws of our world.


Andy Holden talks about the ' Laws of motion in a cartoon Landscape' and this object comes into the real world denying its laws. Still  acting on the physics of the digital world.


And with Basemen also saying the 'cartoon has become all to real' this piece' kind of is a cartoon in the real world.


After I saw this - I decided to make the rock spin - It then becomes a GIF in my view. 


The dullness of the rock is thrown out the window.


The GIF grabs all attention.