Ollie Bradley-Baker is a Visual Artist and Cinematographer based in Oxford, specialising in documentaries. After two year at the Ruskin School of Art, Oxford, he graduated with a Masters in Fine Art Degree. His projects make extensive use of the medium of film - shooting in a mix of Digital, DV, VHS and 16mm film. Ollie’s personal interest lies in revealing narrative form through the creation of an experiential informed documentary cinema. 


Ollie captures digitally with RED, Arri and Sony FS7/5, F55 F65 series cameras along 16mm, VHS and DV cameras,  and cuts in Premier Pro.

Recent Projects

NKG Presents  -  A Coretta Production  -  'Breakfast in Kisumu'

Directed/Produced by: Rebecca Achieng Ajulu-Bushell

Executive Producer: Raphael Laurent

Cinematography by: Ollie Bradley-Baker

Editing: Mdhamiri Á Nkemi, Ollie Bradley-Baker, Rebecca Achieng Ajulu-Bushell

Sound Design: Harry McSwaine, Ollie Bradley-Baker

Music: Sheku Kanneh-Mason

Shot across 16mm, VHS, DV, and Digital, Breakfast in Kisumu is a personal homage to the 20-year journey of renowned professor and political activist Rok Ajulu. Filmed across 6 countries between Europe and Africa, with a proxy-archival quality, it follows Rok’s account of his struggles as an exiled freedom fighter of the post-colonial, apartheid era. In conversation with his daughter - he tells of his numerous deportations, prison sentences, and academia. As Rok recounts the collapse of the apartheid regime, Breakfast in Kisumu shows us a homecoming; his journey back to Africa for the transition of the African National Congress (ANC) from a liberation movement into a governing party, his marriage into the Sisulu Family, and the continental significance of 1994. 


IDFA Press



New Hall Productions  -  'Talk loud in the Forest'

Film by: Ollie Bradley-Baker

Executive Producer: Raphael Laurent

Cinematography by: Ollie Bradley-Baker

Sound: Úna O'Sullivan

Editing: Luca Serventi

Sound Design: Harry McSwaine

Talk Loud In The Forest is a feature documentary currently in post production. The film follows a nomadic couple, Jane and Etienne, walking through the dolomites with their three donkeys and two dogs. In July 2017, while cycle touring from London to Italy to see the Venice Biennale, I was coming down the Albula Pass in Switzerland looking for somewhere to stop for lunch, when I met Jane and Etienne at a petrol station buying dog food. I agreed to join them for lunch, where they led me to a clearing in which three donkeys, two dogs and a piece of tarpaulin stood. I stayed for a few nights about Jane and Etienne’s lives; they live a nomadic lifestyle, walking everyday moving slowly across the continent.


Stills from past Projects (See Film for more)