it’s so slippy I’m definitely going to fall over 

This is nasty 

Please can you hold the gate while we climb over 

This is definitely unnecessary off roading here theres a path 

Art students are different in lanccaster, outdoorsy and sporty and healthy not like the pale thin studnets in London hahah 

Ive been here before as well 

It looks amazing 

It looks like the northern lights 

It’s quite calming, a bit like being drunk with all the lights moving 

Does it only happen here?












I say ‘ do you want to go on a walk?’


you say ‘ where to’


I say ‘ to a field’


you say ‘right now’


I say ‘Yes’



I propose a night walk to a field, no lights are allowed, we will walk by the light of the motorway. 


I have found a field where lights run by. They speed across the field. 

I put my head to the side, there is nowhere left to go, just look at the lights and listen to the river. 



We stand watching the lights, I am not sure if their real. You see them to?


The next day I ask, to check. I thought i had made it up. 

The river Conder runs along side us, we cross a bridge and walk through a line of trees. The lights aren't here tonight, is the moon to bright? We walk up the hill.


Is it working?

Im not sure.