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Group show - recreation - liverpool

October 7, 2016

​Group show in liverpool:


RE | CREATION Group Show Exhibition Opening

We will be showing a small amount of new work from 2016.

Considering notions of Re-creation and Recreation, through this group show, the artists comment on the condition of space and ownership: a foundation of the community. They explore the territorial markers of architecture and the built environment which constructed and strengthened communities and now more so than ever the virtual space and the extension of the community to the world wide web, the push and pull, the expansion and implosion of our spaces. 

So much of our lives are about memes, and like the cycles of the GIF, each day we return to the start at the end. Through virtual social platforms we find a network; people who like Avocados or David Bowie as much as we do, and the streets of the estate outside of the screen seem empty, a world without emoji. 

What is material and matter as it coincides with the digital seeking physical co-existence? What has become of the work of art? and where is reality, the here and now?

Through unknowing, we can only laugh at the GIFs and the memes. “The cartoon has become too real” (Jordan Baseman, 2016)

Through painting, sculpture, and the GIF, we present RE | CREATION. 

Alice Adams 

Oliver Bradley-Baker 

Joel Chan 

Hannah Ferreira

Maisie Spencer 

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