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March 21, 2017

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Cecelia B Evens operning Tate liverpool

October 20, 2016

​A trip to Tate Liverpool to the opening of Cecelia B Evens. I have know and been interested in Cecelia B Evens work for a while - first seeing it an exhibition in fact (with the video about 'mayonnaise') Then again at the Jasmin Awards for video. 


But until this point I have only see her video work, but this new commission from Tate took the form of a multi screen multi medium video installation. The installation had a 3 part storyline, with robots and many screens.


Liked the messy cables 

The audio came from different sources depending on what character was speaking

An unclearness to the narrative 

like something had interrupted and probes in

use of internet culture and found video to explore emotion.


The transcript of what was said can be found here:


- some link between human and digital 

- and real and visual 

- and felt and experienced



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