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December 10, 2016



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An interactive audience operated machine that projects film slides when the handle is turned. 


As the handle is turned an image is revealed by the flickering light projecting through the lenses.


The images hover on the in-between of a selection of binary oppositions: Real and virtual, made and found, analog and digital. The images are created in 3D from references images taken on a trip around various counties, namely Morocco and a cross channel crossing between St Marlo and Portsmouth. The images are digital recreations of the found landscapes, however they are adapted to become ‘too’ perfect versions. the horizon is flat with any imperfections left unmade. The perspectives of the three images also aligns, each line pointing from a corner to the centre. The sky also is identical across all three images.


However each of the images contains glitches and digital imperfections harking towards there fake-ness. The grass repeats in a grid patten, textures loop and meshes fold in triangular shapes.


The act of projecting is initiated by the audience turning the handle of the projector. They can select from a number of different images printed on the film. This aspect of the work is reminiscent of Duchampian Transubstantiation which puts the audience in control of the work: transforming an object to an art object.


The image also reveals itself from an Unresolved image to a sensical form, in a similar way Mark Leahy talks about the Anamorphic image.


The physics of this machine play with this reveal of the image. By projecting in an analog form by the physical process of turning a crank the hyperrealistic image can fool us into thinking its real. Its this questing and unsureness where the Art object lies.


Don't trust me, Im Digital

Embrace cliche with your arms wide, embrace irony and let the truth speak 


What happens when we collide?




Digital world?


Digital memory?







Digital as a base for Fiction, even to its so fixed and defined its materially and state is unknown.








I intitaly made the projector so you could swap the slides of film - however many of the film added no value so I converted it into a rock projecting machine.







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