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Boudouexs - gallery

August 5, 2016

​I was a massive fan of this very political exhibition in the french city of Boudouexs​. The exhibition triggered an interest in the relationship between space, aructecture and how they shape community. 


The exhibition explored many themes mostly revolving around sustainability, art and design. Unlike some political exhibitions many of the projects were also social enterprises and had had a very real effect on the communities they were involved with. 


I think the exhibition seemed particularly relevant as two of the works documented there I had witnessed there effects.The one in western Sahara which I had Just cycled from. The People of Western Sahara are technically refugees and have been for around 40 years now I think - there are hole generations that have lived there lives in tents.


The artwork explored this human relationship to architecture and looked at more suitable temporary building solutions.The other was Granby Winter Garden by assemble and the Graby Four Streets community. I had visited a number of times and visible seen the effect the project had had on the local residence. The artwork/location was also featured in the Liverpool Biannual.


The exhibition ignited many ideas and changed my perspective a little. I think when we think of community art or local art, I certainly have a view that its ability as an artwork is reduced. Also on the oppersite end someone like Ai Wei Wei who's art is very political but also 'good art' in the view of many seems to fail as a community project and fails to make any real change.


It enforced a relationship I had been thinking about for a while as the two biggest influences in your life in terms of anything is 'geography' and 'parents'. And also within 'geography' how the territorial markers of architecture and the built environment construct and strengthen communities.



Grizdale arts is the only organisation that comes to mind which both makes a real change but also is successful as an artwork. however after this exhibition I think a balance can be struck - an maybe now we do need art to be 'useful' more than ever before. not necacellery soulie political but forcing change and altering perceptions and ways.There was also a Richard Long on the Roof which you were encouraged to walk barefoot along.





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