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Making light boxes

September 29, 2016

​Some photos of process of making lightboxes


The idea came to me while cycling down one of the 4hr straights down the centre of morocco, an image of a road kind of hollywood esc, This experience gave me the first image - the second came from the channel crossing. 


I would say the images are clichy and almost hollywood or holiday photo like. Much like my sunsets I have been looking for images that have something that sujesgts an atmospher or greater meaning possibly???


Not to sure, However:


I re constructed the images, recycling them  and forming something new. (I used a software called blender to remake them digitally)


I then printed them - and displaced them in a 1980esc back lit frame. I made the frame from rustic driftwood. 



This contrast between the digital analog and a mimicry of screen to image - I found sucesfull


However as a piece as a whole I don't think they worked as they were to close to the clichy they were trying to comment on.


When I displayed them in a show some people commented saying they are kind of a perfect shell of the original - but just a shell and that they lacked some realness -  they weren't grounded to the real world (Especially the rock one haha) - people did find the humour.


But others just loved them for the Postcard portrait they represented.


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