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March 21, 2017

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Sound Piece Notes

December 9, 2016






All of Us, Raymond Carver, Locking yourself out, in Switzerland,


James joice grave


Under milk wood 







you have missed the beauty.







Its a shame more people don't notice hey, they are so caught up in the spin that they keep tumbling round even when the power goes out and time stands still. haha


This is why I made this piece.


Anyway my washings done now so lets here the piece? 


I had such a shit day at work today.


their was this form i forgot to order.


Iv got fuckin sharrons class to sort out thursday.


the thing is, but, they are like, they need me more than i need them haha.


can you you remember anything from when you were 8?


How you thought?


I cant remember anything.


I remember the first decision i made at a young age, i was sharing this room with my friend we messing about, up late, messing about in my parents room, and we head my father comping upstairs, se we hid under the bed, he came in,


he might get changed or something, so i laughed on purpose, so he knew 


I remember this. 


I remember eating my first after 8 when I was 9 at 7:59.



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