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Sound Piece Research

December 11, 2016


This piece brought together a number of idea’s, thoughts and techniques that I have exploring throughout my wider practice as an artist. At this point in my time art university I feel my practice should be starting to gain some consistancey and fluidity between my works. To put the piece in context take a wider look at my work over this term documented on my website and blog.


I ask now you listen to the piece.


Screen shot of Editing



Throughout this programme, Lancaster University students present a series of sound works based on the location of the ‘laundrette’. 7 works will be presented over the hour long show examining and responding to this space. Collectively, the works comment on the relationship between space and ownership, mounting an exploration into how these things are allowed to interact through the lens of the human condition. The Laundrette questions the territorial markers of architecture and the built environment, as both public and private space, both intimate but distant. Different pieces focus on individual aspects of the location, exploring and expanding the space, to both inform and represent. 




To start, the introduction to the program which I have included above starts to unearth some of the concepts buried within my piece. While I wrote this introduction, I had the script to my artwork finished - after multiple drafts and edits.



This idea of ‘The Laundrette questioning the territorial markers of architecture’ was examined at a basic level as a space where humans interact. I find reactions and perceptions change greatly in a shared space - the consciousness of another human helps dictate your reaction and so your actions are censored to an extent. The power going off within my work tries to act as an way into this idea. 



This idea of Interruption within my piece is explored within the text but also with the very medium of the piece. The work itself is in disguise as a introduction to a piece, but the real piece never plays and the introduction carries on for the full 8 minuets. I view this as a interruption to the medium of radio, it plays with standard format and takes advantage of standard practices.



Artists such as Bad Vibes Club and Rebecca Birch’s ‘Field Broadcast’ explore the idea of interruption. As a central theme within the text I attempt to form a distance/contrast between the benign, the everyday and a deeper more interesting event.


interrupt - stop the continuous progress of (an activity or process).

The mundaneness of the laundrette with the power going out.

A ferry Journey in the Artic.

The GIF 


The GIF being some digital interruption that has a new feeling and new attention - much like the popular act of ‘Rick Rolling’ that swept across the internet.


But the interruption had purpose, much like in Raymond Carver’s poem ‘Locking Yourself Out, Then Trying to Get Back In’ it is used as a tool to delve into a deeper ideas and thoughts. 


You simply go out and shut the door

without thinking. And when you look back

at what you've done

it's too late. If this sounds

like the story of a life, okay.


So the interruption becomes a break, it helps you focus or even makes you focus. You step back and think. Within the text I try to bring to attention the value of this pause, and make use of it in situations such as doing your washing.






Within the text I also try to build a 2nd relationship between logic and reason, and the absurd. The 5hr sunset boarders on the edge of the absurd, but as humans we search for logic and reason to explain all events and situations. But life is absurd. Again using a Carver poem, this time ‘In Switzerland’ where he is talking about James Joyce’s grave.


Took in a strip show later.

But what to do with the memory 

of that grave that came to me

in the midst of the show, 

under the muted, pink stage light?


There is an interesting relationship between ideas and when we have them, i have my best ones on long walks, others in the shower. Im sure someone out their has had a brainwave while sitting waiting for their washing.




The idea of cycle is also relevant in my text, starting from the washing cycle, to the cyclic movement of the machine - to the day, month and GIF, our lives.

That repetitive patten that is so engraved within our culture. The washing machine makes a great cultural metaphor for this.



Finally the last relationship in my text is that of Fact and Fiction. Inspired by the artist Katrina Palmer, my text attempts to purchase on the edge of the two.


It is made up from fragments of conversation, lived events and distant memories. Non of the stories described are my own but rather segments built from chats. I did go to the laundry room, but I did wash my clothes, and no - my mum still doesn't was my clothes (at least not all the time).


With the text I hope this comes through, as its told in a conversation format its read as if it is being remembered, or relived but slowly merges into something new. This is reflected within the sound editing underlining the piece.


I pan the dialog left or right when the source of the fiction changes. Also I add underlying sounds, one being a distant recording of a washing machine that comes into earshot when talking about my own experience. Sounds of water recorded at LICA pond play out during the ferry journey, and gulls from Morecambe. I added a tremolo modulation to these sounds, so they pulse in and out of earshot. Modulated generated noise also lies below the piece in sections where I talk about a 'spinning motion'.


The voiceover was recorded using a stereo pair of Condenser microphones (AKG's). I used a pair rather than the one to capture my head movement during the recording of the text. I liked the idea that the piece was a conversation in which the speaker switches and changes place during the duration of the piece. Low and high cut was added as well as a small amount of reverb to warm the sound up and give it a little more space. I also removed the noise from the desk.


I have uploaded a version of the transcript and some of my own notes that never made it into the text.


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