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December 12, 2016

Within my current practice, found objects, fabricated sculptures, amplified sound and video collide to form fragmented narratives. I re-present objects giving them new authenticities to create an unfathomable space, where fictions and realities bleed into one another. I am interested in this in-between space: between fictional and documentary, the virtual and physical and the literal and metaphorical.


I use written text and spoken word as a tool to delve into this interaction.

I am interested in the materiality of text, not only in format but also where the meaning of the text lies.


I find the process of writing within a ‘making’ practice interesting. Objects manifest themselves in my studio, either made or found, bringing ‘found histories' in with them. I’m a believer in objects having agency beyond the anthropocentric sphere, the interactions and collisions of these actant-objects begin to create narratives. My objects undergo a process of dialogic utterance, much like a Dostoevsky character, they start to write their own fictions, however their output is not limited to text.


Artworks often take the form of installations, transporting the viewer to experience. I acknowledge an oscillation between experience and information, seeking a mid point to create an effect similar to that of mirror-touch synaesthesia, where immersion is so great that the viewer starts to experience the feelings of another, usually a human but possibly fictional, spatial or object other.


Irony and humour play a part within my work, repurposing cliches for dramatic and nostalgic effect. My work is an investigation into humour and the absurd. Starting as a digital piece it projects itself into the real world, materialising as a metal and stone cartoon. Maybe it’s Donald Trump, ‘the Cartoon has become all to real’.



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