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March 21, 2017

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December 6, 2016

The RocK


Where did the rock come from, what could be more real than me a rock. I am grounded, form the earth itself grounded for hundreds of years by gravity, materially and scale. 


I now float about this world of yours, my hardness fake, my scale adjustable what have I become.


I am a symbol.


Gravity has left me.


A rock has brought itself forward from the digital and is manifesting itself in the real. A made object, a sculpture full of values and subtext becomes that dull object, perhaps the dullest, a rock. Dull in the sense that it lacks change. But maybe a rock is not that dull after all, its simply interesting and slow, very slow. A rock more than most has witnessed and withstood change, been adjusted and altered multiple times. However unlike most objects a rocks materiality predicts its own future, its past dictates its future, maybe it is this that gives the rock that dull sensibility. Maybe a rock needs cannot be understood in the presence tense - but a substitute tense needs to be sinithersied between the past and future.


So as this digital being rocks forward and backward between digital and real, it swings to far, impaling itself on a fallen rocks sign. What a silly rock.


It pieces the soft underbelly of the dragon, drilling through concrete, piecing the canvas and entering the hollow inside to reveal the beating heart.


 I have started producing a rock, Mock Up shown above.


Along side this rough narrative, a very crap video work has started to come together.





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