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January 18, 2017



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Thinks I have a thing for:

  • Things

  • Plants (specifically Banana plants and ferns)

  • Libraries

  • Basic Politics 

  • Music that captures our zeitgeist

  • Half read books 

  • Dark spaces 

  • Interruptions 

  • Looking right

  • Loss (waiting)

  • Long coach journeys 

  • Cycling 

  • Walking at night

  • Making things move 

  • Headstands 

  • South Indian food

  • Road signs 

  • Machines 

  • Stuff thats well made but still shit 


‘[O]ur machines are disturbingly lively, and we ourselves frighteningly inert’ (Haraway, 1991: 152).


Its all a bit to meaningful.


Maybe it just needs to be funnier.


Humour is great for getting thoughts across.


So I have had an Idea about making rocks - not 100% sure why yet.


Some of my reasons are:


I found a rock on my bike ride in morocco and brought it back with me - cause I like it.


I like the idea of the rock being an impassable force/Blockade.


I cant remember if this is a quote or I though of it (it was in my notes of my phone) ‘A rocks materiality predicts its own future, its form made from its past - dictates its future. Maybe it is this that gives the rock that dull sensibility. Maybe a rock needs cannot be understood in the presence tense - but a substitute tense needs to be sinithersied between the past and future.’


Cause and effect - I think therefore I am - fate  (All a bit Matrix’ie)


Its oldness 


This text on the sublime:


By Stephen Knudsen


“But something extraordinary occurred at sunset. For starters, everyone present became believers. Unlike any other time of day—some even took to lying down in the trench. As I faced due west on that spring day, the sun dropped directly behind the rock to be perfectly eclipsed. The sun then reappeared as it dropped into the slot of the ramped space directly below the monolith. As we walked down the ramp in these final minutes of sunset, two relative motions intersected: the sun dropped and the rock rose. Thus, the seemingly grand narrative of moving the rock was, in the end, just a blip in the bigger story that points to sublime space, celestial movement, and geologic time. And that, to my way of thinking, rises above cliché.”


Evokes the sense of geological time


The Anthropocene

- the proposed epoch dating from when human activities started to have a significant global impact on Earth's geology and ecosystems.


A rock being something that belongs to the earth - but we have now marked it irreversibly. (political) - 


So some of my ideas involver piercing rock with very human items as a literal interaction of this thought.


So a rock with a post through the middle.



On Making Process 

Last term tried to dilute and aim for a single meaning, but ended up with simple sculptural narrative. (Bit Basic).


Need to find a way of making more interesting objects? or add sound and video in to help get further in to what I'm trying to say.


I am at a bit of a conflict between Processes and Idea:


I am a big fan of work like this:


Kind of like one liner’s - in art form?

Like a Pun 


And Im finding there is a gap between Object - Developed Ideas - And Initial Concept.


Often I find the best work is one where you can see the original idea within it.


Like a snap decision, dare call it inspiration.


But by thinking I sometimes find that original ‘click’ is lost.


Or maybe I just have to wait for a 2nd - or 3rd click.


Also maybe art should just be a bit funnier.


All works I seem to like have something that just captures instantly?


Not to sure what it is?


I think about that balance between concept and experience.


And If they are intwined things, or have to have some force to bring together.


 If they are intertwined then my current sculptures have a disparity to my ideas.


So maybe Im making a set of sculptural work and a set of conceptual work?


Don't know if to force them together.


Want to preserve that initial “click”.

2 proper ideas atm:


Expand on the Rockish Series but:

  • But become more sculptral

  • add screens/audio as a site for concept.

  • Impale the rocks with speakers/screens - links to original idea.

  • Show how I made them more - don't hide process 

  • Electric Mountain 

  • they are stupid so accept the humour and make it evident 

  • make them spin??? (No idea Why) 


Blue Beach Hut:

  • Large scale insterlation]

  • with video 

  • and text I have been working on for a while

  • exploringg loss

  • and waiting 

  • could have sculptural element.

  • would link well to Boat piece 

  • nothing to do with rocks??


Other ideas:

  • Speaker system sculpture for music at openings

  • Spinning cones 

  • art in unusual spaces 

  • interruptions 

















I always end up waiting for someone - looking out. Looking down at my book then turning my head up to the right, always expecting something to come.


Head in hand, always the right hand.


Train stop in Spain

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