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February 5, 2017


Object and Authenticity

“… for an object to work it has to have more than one set of reasons for coming into being…


letʼs take the stalagmite… On the one hand itʼs a thing from the trapdoor, or a dripping down, on the other… a sense of duration, geological time, an honesty, a weight and bulk, corporeality, something that requires you to pull a muscle when you try to move it… It has to be all these things at once to make the thing itself appear.


I feel I need to start to identify and become aware of what is process and what is Concept.








Post Truth 







Filling a gap 



To Inform?













Maybe what I make work about can change but I need to define my process. This then allows a content movement forward within my work even when ideas change.


So what is my process:


Make Object/Find Object/Experience Something

Write About Thing

Put Object In Space with Text (In any form)

Have it be performative/Theatrical



Maybe this all seems a bit simple and an artist should just do whatever he likes with a hard vision.


My favourite ideas have been those where I had vision.

Can you wait for the vision?


Stop Thinking and Just do it?? 


Or stop doing and Just think!


I am really unsure of what type of art I want to make?

Is it Political?

Is it Current?

Is it a Joke?

Is it an Object?


How separated is the artist and the artwork?


Just talk about the work I am making right now! Go on Lad!




Ideas Right Now:


Making Dead Things

That talk on the nuclear anthopoceane and the idea of the anthropocean being a time where humans have left a mark on the planet.


I dont know why but it has given me ideas to make things that look very old.


Also there is something about post truth politics and maybe its just the trickery of the material.


But I feel its frustrating me as I don't know where the work is coming from.


What really helped me out was the idea that work could be explained through a story.


So maybe my work needs to become a lot more autobiographical?


It needs to stem from experience.


It needs to feel real.


It needs to be self aware.

Maybe refocus this project on lived experience and make work about myself - the politics will come??


Will they???


art as documentary/mirror of lived experience?


Feel like you have to be careful making autobiagrathical work?


Need to keep a distance?


And the art and artist become closer - is it interesting enough?




A physical manifestation of Post-Truth?


Something really old spay painted bright yellow?


The Cartoon has become all to real?

Andy Holden exhibition!!!!!


He makes work about the way we think about things?







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