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February 8, 2017





Art should is at a point between information and experience! 


So my ideas on the importance of immersion, 



I am interested in this in-between space: between fictional and documentary, the virtual and physical and the literal and metaphorical. 



What really helped me out was the idea that work could be explained through a story.



So maybe my work needs to become a lot more autobiographical?



It needs to stem from experience.



I remember being really confused about how to write about artwork but then putting the ideas into a narrative really helped! If a story captures a concept, and idea it becomes poignant and relatable.


So I think within my practice I need to start/end with story.


Start with experience.






I know what doesn't work now I think!


I always start with experience, I now realise this - sometimes I did not notice till a while after making the artwork. All My art should have a story behind it! Thats how to talk about it! Don't grab a story you don't care about - I have to love it! (Morecambe issue).


But when I start with an object rather than a story it is luck if the two link! So I can end up with a discord between object and idea. So don't just make - it doesn't work for me.


However with narrative and text the idea feels more intrinsically fused.

This also works with found/real objects - non art objects. But when I make art object to much other shit comes flooding in! like what it looks like - which is important - but less so than the why! 


So don't over - make, and don't make for the sake of it. Because I find it to hard to fill in the gaps afterwards - Or there is nothing to sat about it.



So what I really do is Realise Fictions, Transform words to ideas to experience.


Don't aim for an Object, abandon it! Its a tool for the use of Art.


Heidergier talks about things, tools and Art Objects.


But I think I disagree with him. In a weird sense I know Heiderger considers a tool something we have a clear use for. So a paintbrush is a tool? or is it a mere thing because what clear use dose a painting have? 

But then the same can be said for a hammer, All objects usage ends after a while. Except the Art object?? Whose uses are unknown?


So I think within my work I Need to consider both found object and made object as tool - a thing with purpose - to produce the artwork itself -which hangs above and beyond the thing that I have made!



“”a thing with purpose”” - This is what got me thinking about the idea of Vibrant matter - But I got a little distracted. 


^^ This thinking is about process not nessecelery Concept but process.


My process involves Thinking around Viberent matter but my Concept dose not need to stem from this! (I think) 


So ‘A thing with purpose’ - I think while making and looking at an object we often only consider our own relation and thoughts about the object.


But we rarely consider the objects interconnected relations - It’s linked ability in a system of things.


Jane Bennet explorers this in Vibrant matter!


Political Power of things

(Write about this)


But I actually find a more enlightening example found in ‘Small is Beautiful’ 


Capital relations

(Write About This)


Our relationship with objects is interesting in understanding objects abilities to produce results.


This mix of thinking lends its self to Kant’s Ideas of correlationism


This is the idea to which we only ever have access to the correlation between thinking and being, and never to either term considered apart from the other.


In this frame of thinking objects are thought to conform to the mind of the subject, so become a product of human thought.


However if we start to separate the concept of ‘thinking’ and ‘being’ we open ourselves to a post-kantian way of thinking. Where objects do not rely on human cognition for there ontological being.


This thought at the most basic level allows to separate ourselves from an anthropocentric way of thinking. 


Objects have there own desires and reasonings.


This is where 2 strands start to form:


Dialogic Utterance

This segment of thinking is more useful in a literacy and art thinking.


The basic proposal is a fictional text abilities for a character to write themselves. 


This idea when transferred onto objects give an ability to an object to have its own disires.


There is also an ability for object to inform text vs verser!


Text in relation to social relations


Objects Political ability 

So Objects as they become separated form the human, they gain a greater agency in the world. 


This idea of power, oil, gold, cheese and all objects become charged with an ability to influence human action. And it is not always via human interaction but interconnected relations between objects.


This brings a real power to objects and there ability to politically influence.


In terms of the art object it gives a conference to an objects ability.


If you start to consider the relations formed outside as well as instead anthropocentric thinking a great effect can be understood and achieved.


A rock becomes more than a rock…



^^ but agin both of these are process 


So bringing back to concept - I really don't think it matters to much, If the work is right and it is autobiographical the hope is it will be changed enough to write its self efectivly.


Maybe not, but I feel a narrative is a good place to start! 


I think I also have to have clear in my head Derriada’s ideas around Logocentralisum.


I feel last term I was getting stuck in Reason and logic. And Theorey’s do not need to be watertight - or artworks or that matter. As Art is to help us understand things that cannot be understood through science and logic.




Other Thoughts


both a subject and object, sculpture is part of reality, but it is contingent and essentially unstable - it moves back and forth between absence and presence



Husserls idea of real objects and sensual objects. Real objects are objects that withdraw from all experience, whereas sensual objects are those that exist only in experience

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