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Tutorial With Serena Korda

March 15, 2017

Tutorial With Serena Korda


Through large-scale ensemble performances, film and sculpture she examines the secret life of objects and our latent desire to find pleasure in fear.  Underpinning her practice is a search to find and highlight ritual in the everyday developed through encounters, conversations and the researching of abandoned histories. Audiences are often encouraged to participate at some point in her process creating collective experiences that often focus on the forgotten and overlooked.


Interested in the idea of the Secret Life of Objects?


Ritual in the everyday?




Casting Tips:


0 - 400 = 25 degree raises per Hr

400 - 700 = 50 degree raises per Hr

700 - 1000 = 100 degree raises per Hr


In future make sculptures as hollow as possible - make out of paper mashy then layer of clay.




Secret Life of Objects:

  • Giving Objects more importance 

  • through story’s, Foke Law, myth…

  • an interest in the use objects to reflect back on society 

  • How some greater valuement of object is actually political - and runs along the same lines as my ideas about giving objects value to understand the harm we are doing to the planet



Advice about my work - not that useful - coming from different perspective.


Interesting that the idea of objects having equal priority outside of human engagement can come from many perspectives.


I assumed she had read Jane Bennet, Graham Harmen, ect.. 


But didn't know any - but had reached a similar conclusion. 


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