March 21, 2017

March 21, 2017

March 20, 2017

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Expanded Painting

March 20, 2017

Week 11 - MonoPrinting


Not a fan of MonoPrinting - Found no use in the random nature of the Print.


I understand the appeal and aesthetic however felt it sat a long way outside my practice.


I found the process of drawing from aesthetics alone did not really help develop a new idea for the term.



Week 15 - Gallery Visit



This painting by Giovanni Bellini was of Leonardo Loredan and is dated to 1501- 1502. Leonardo Loredan was the Doge of the Venetian state - recognisable by his clothes and hat as you can cross reference with Vincenzo Catena painting of Andrea Gritti. The Doge was the elected head of state at the time. The style of the painting fitted a Venician tradition go painting formal portraits of its rulers. The paintings were in the style of sculptural portrait busts, which was popular at the time. The painting technique was intricate capturing detail, but more importantly the light. The painting emits a glow around the figure which was very hard to capture when trying to reproduce a segment. The pigment used in the background of the painting was also rare at the time which shows the wealth and importance of the figure. Also the painting contains a parapet at the bottom where Bellini signed his name.



Week 16 - Transcription 


For this weeks project I produced a transcription of Patrick Caulfield’s work ‘The Hermit’. 


Referencing back to my studio practice, I produced a copy of the painting however ‘The Hermit’ was facing the other way - revealing it to be a monkey pleasuring itself.


The Monkey itself is also a transcription of a drawing by Leonardo da Vinci.





Final Work:


My final work is a loose transcription of the painting ‘Isabella and the Pot of Basil’ by William Holman Hunt. I aim to bring together a digital element, a fragment of the painting and an assemblage of materials to form a expanded painting.


A screen forms a central element of the piece, on it I made an animated a 3D model of a plant rotating as a GIF. This element is placed slightly out of focus, slightly out of reach - behind both glass screen and perspex sheet.


On a 2nd section a projected segment was painted. The black leaf like segment were made by casting house paint on clingfilm, then draped over the different sections. 


Overall the piece was a deconstruction of the original painting, ending as fragmented version, with new elements added.


The piece was also inspired by Rhys Coren's work which brings together fragmented events including the digital.



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