Bike ride from Geneva to Venice ending at the 56th Biennale. Starting on the 15th of July, ending on the 22nd.

15th, Arrived in Geneva - Lake Leman.

16th, Nufenen Pass, 2nd highest in Switzerland at 2478 meters.

All my stuff.

17th, Free camping at Lake Locarno just before the Swiss/Italian Border.

18th, cross into Italy.

18th, Lake Lugano

18th, Ferry across part of Lake Como. 10 minuet rest.

20th, Road between Lake Idro and Lake Garda 

18th, Cross the Swiss/Italian Boarder. No border patrole, didnt need passport, wasn't stoped.

20th, First view of Lake Garda.

20th, Vennice, arrive late at night, enter the city on the 21st.

2 days in Venice before flying to London form Marco Polo.

The Route

The Route, Scale